Why Print

The Print Council published a marketing brochure demonstrating the power of print. Listed below are the
top print that can help you prosper.
1. Print is for Keeps- Electronic content comes and goes. Print is in it for the long run.
2. Print is Portable- Print can be carried and consumed anywhere, at any time.
3. Print Drives a Higher ROI- People gravitate towards print. The USPS found that 85% of mail is read or visually scanned by households.
4. Print is Beautiful- Graphic artists consider every printed piece a personal masterpiece.
5. Print Plays Well With Others- Media is best when print and marketing are combined.
6. Buyers Seek Print- Consumers seek print when they are ready to buy.
7. Print is Credible- Having words and images on paper you can hold provides reassurance.
8. Print Puts Them in Control- Print provides a positive flow of information between the marketer and the consumer.
9. Print is Personal- Variable data allows every piece of your print campaign to be personalized.
10. Print is Everywhere- Marketing could not exist without print.

As more of us consider environmental responsibility and sustainable business practices important, it is
essential to understand that print is Earth friendly.
• People require forms of communication. All media, whether print or electronic, has an environmental footprint. Electronic waste accounts for 70% of the toxic waste found in landfills.
• Paper making does not contribute to deforestation- When paper mills are practicing sustainable forestry, trees are either replanted or harvested in a way that supports natural regeneration. The largest cause of deforestation is agriculture.
• Our forest land is growing. More than 2.5 billion trees are planted each year and we now have more acres of forest than in 1940.