Preparing Print Files

Acceptable File Formats:

Print Strategy accepts the latest versions of In-Design, Quark, Illustrator, and press ready PDFs preferably from a Mac platform. If you are using another file format to create your postcards, please contact us.  A note about native file formats: if you are using any of the kerning, tracking, or other specialized “plug-ins” (i.e. Quark extensions) we will need to incorporated that software into our page layout application. Please check with Print Strategy.


When building your files please build the file to the specified final trim size. Your designer will also need to include a minimum of 0.125” bleed allowance beyond the final trim size. Print Strategy recommends that your designer observe a minimum of a 0.125” safety allowance for all copy elements with a preferred allowance of 0.1875”.


Preferred fonts are Open Type, Type I or True type.  Please do not use OSX dfonts.  Please use the proper font face. Stylized fonts rarely output correctly. If are using an obscure or customized font, such as those created by Fontographer, please contact Print Strategy for more information.
When submitting your files, please include both the screen and printer fonts that your postcard will be using. The fonts will be downloaded for the purpose of output and printing only. Fonts are removed from the system once the project is completed.


All files should be submitted untrapped. Our trapping software will create the proper trapping solution.

Imported Graphics:

All hi resolution graphics must be included with the files. Each imported graphic must be properly linked in the layout application.  It is best to verify each graphic your designer has placed or linked will retain its original integrity.
Graphics need to be converted from RGB to process color: cyan, yellow, magenta, and black (CYMK) and the ICC profiles should be turned off.  Acceptable formats for the graphics are TIFF and EPS. EPS/DCS files are not necessary. PICT and GIF are not supported.

Clean and Preflight Files:

Please remove unused layers, images, images, and color names used in the file. If you are using a spot color and it is supposed to print as a PMS color, please let Print Strategy know the PMS color. Otherwise, please convert all spot colors to CYMK.  Recheck the links for the any missing graphics and fonts.


Press Ready PDFs are preferred.  For best results, the file needs to be X1A compliant. The images must be high resolution and not down sampled; include the bleeds and crop marks; embed the fonts; and graphics converted to CYMK.
Please keep in mind that pressready PDFs limits our desktop staff in their ability to make changes to the type or color.
When writing PDFs from Quark 6.x the file should be written to DeviceN color space. For earlier and later versions of Quark this does not apply.