Reward Postcard™

Perk-up Sales with BOGO

A solid promotional offer is the most effective way to win market share. Friend-Get-a-Friend offers are tried and true. This Reward Postcard™ increases promotional reach by inviting recipients to have a coffee with a friend or family. This marketing offer is brewing something doubly good!

Lead Generation

This low-cost lead generator gets your prospective customers to check you out. Clubs, Associations and Non-Profits can use the Reward Postcard™ to offer temporary Memberships via its detachable, wallet-sized Card.

Specialty Retailer Drives Orders

This Reward Postcard™ announces a Summer Sale. Recipients can use the incorporated gift card to order across all channels. Confident that First Class mail will deliver a tight in-home, our multi-channel retailer staffs up for a big event.

Chain Store Grand Opening

If you build it, they will come … maybe! Don’t take chances: dial in sales with radius-mapped, saturation mailings that use the Reward Postcard™ to bring in the locals. A scanable barcode speeds the checkout process and every customer loves saving the sales tax.

Online Store Uses Print to Reactivate Lapsed Customers

Marketers use digitally printed mailers to incent lapsed customer segments. Individual purchase history identifies potential future product choices and personalization by name and product are digitally printed and mailed. One to one marketing. Single use codes enable control and response attribution at the individual customer level.

Free Shipping Sells

Free Shipping is today’s hot offer. Consumers respond to it. If you ship low weight items like jewelry, Free Shipping offers have a very low-cost, high-perceived value. Inkjet imaged expiration dates enable testing the effectiveness of varied offer periods.